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Your Packaging Mentor

With over four decades of solving clients’ packaging problems, Actionpoint’s Insight Programme was born from an understanding that there is so much more than simply packaging a product or mailing something through the post.

Your personal packaging mentor is here to help you maximise value and minimise waste by transforming your packaging costs into genuine investments that work for you.

We take the time to independently evaluate your packaging needs so we can recommend ‘best fit’ solutions. One of the many ways we can save you money is that, unlike other packaging suppliers and manufacturers, our insider expertise means we can go places and find solutions that are not generally available.

Since its inception in 2014, our Insight Programme has saved UK companies an average of 17% on their packaging by recommending bespoke solutions, time savings, training, system generation and improved efficiencies. In 2017 alone these cost savings rose to an average of 25%.

Why Insight?

Insight Benefits

  • Full audit and report by a qualified technician
  • Branding, designing, and prototyping
  • Packaging product & purchase training
  • Branding, designing, and prototyping
  • Quarterly reviews and planning
  • Access to up to date legislation & news
  • Independent laboratory testing
  • Effects of packaging on profits review with accountants
  • Certification & accreditation checks for your industry





View our insight programme levels…

Silver Program

Standard Audit
Our packaging technologist of 30 years experience will spend a short time discussing your current situation and will take a quick walk around to what solutions can be offered.

Standard Report
You will receive a brief written report with suggestions that you can implement as you feel appropriate.

Standard Pricing Review
If it appears like there could be significant savings made, we will spend time comparing your prices to what is available in the market.

We will provide samples of products that are likely to solve your problems.

Gold Program
£550 One-off Fee

Comprehensive Audit
Generally taking around 4-6 hours, the audit will include discussions with all of your key staff, a thorough walk around and look at all your packaging and processes, including GMPs and packaging hygiene where appropriate and a wrap up discussion before the report is finalised.

Comprehensive Report
You will receive a fill, detailed report showing the findings and recommended solutions with suggested actions to be taken. This report will also give an approximate idea of where savings could be made and on what timescales.

Review of Packaging Waste
The review will include a look at your packaging waste system, the regulations that affect you, and how this could be improved to both help reduce your liability and your cost. Also in the sourcing of all new products, sustainability is taken very seriously.

Review of Packaging Branding
Our branding expert of 25 years experience will review the branding and image of your packaging in line with your company standing and branding guidelines. He will also conduct research as necessary to gain feedback from your customers.

Platinum Program
£350 Monthly

Full Gold Package Review
As part of this package, you will receive a free Gold Level Review every quarter with a full audit and a full report.

Packaging Training
Training can be one off or regular, and the sessions will be tailored depending on how many staff require it, the products you are packing and the packaging you are using. Our technologist will train you on how to use the packaging efficiently and correctly.

Purchasing Training
As with the packaging training, this will be tailored to the products you are buying and the suppliers you are buying from. The aim of this is to put you back in the control of what packaging you use and what you pay for.

Quarterly Planning
As part of the quarterly review, we can put a plan in place with you for the next quarter. This can include both your expected requirements and usages of products to allow for more efficient buying, but can also include the follow up of actions set from the review.

Access to New & Legislation Changes
You can have access to our monthly update showing key news from the packaging industry that may affect you and any changes in legislation that occur. This will also include a quarterly newsletter and live updates of the industry news as we see it.

Independent Laboratory Testing
We will pay for independent testing of your current packaging products, or any others on the market, in a professional laboratory.

Certification & Accreditation Checks
There are many waste/consumer/carrier regulations that affect us in our companies every day that is critical we are aware of. We will check these for you thoroughly and report to you on anything you need to know.

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