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Freedom Programme

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Your Lasting Relief

Let’s face it, ordering packaging isn’t the most exciting part of the working day. Most likely it’s a bit of a headache. That’s why we never want you to place another purchase order with us ever again.

What this really means is that we give you total freedom from your packaging, taking care of all the hassle, the re-ordering and the mundane stuff so you don’t have to.

You could call us the Nurofen of packaging!

More seriously, our flagship Freedom Programme is the reason why, over the last 15 years, Actionpoint has experienced unprecedented growth.

Once on the Freedom Programme customers say that they never have to think of packaging until they have a new product to launch or a significant change in their business.

One of the many things we do for you is a regular stocktake which we carry out on your premises, topping up on pre-agreed stock levels for you.

Product Specifying

Planning & Forecasting

Agreement & Clarity

Reviews (if requested by the customer)

Never bother about a packaging order again