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Who we are

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We are Actionpoint!

Actionpoint is a family owned independent business, now managed by the third generation of the founder, Malcolm Pollard, who established our company in 1975.

Like the rest of the packaging industry, we have evolved hugely over the past 40+ years to where we are today. That’s why we’re very sharply focussed on bespoke solutions tailored to individual customer’s needs.

Although we don’t claim to be the cheapest, or indeed to get everything right all of the time, we can pretty much guarantee that you won’t find a more friendly and supportive packaging solutions provider. We are also part of the world’s second largest buying group, giving us superior buying power across all our products.

Some of our projects span out over months and months, others can be very quickly managed in the space of a few days. Whichever is true for you, we aim to be your lifetime packaging mentor and friend.

Our vision, mission and values

Looking to save time, money and waste on your packaging?