Top Packaging Projects

Picking the year’s best packaging project is one of our most favorite activities. Our selections reflect our passion for designers with something to say. Don’t miss out on the latest trends as they might give you new ideas in the coming year! Here we present to you the best packaging projects of 2016 in no particular order.



Number 1: Here, a retailer had put three items (from the same order) in three different boxes with excessive void fill. The customer doesn’t seem too pleased and even states that it offsets the retailer’s convenience. Why didn’t they just place all three items in the same box?

Packaging Fail 1 - ProShip

Number 2: This is one of our all-time favourites. A guy orders bubble wrap and receives it in a giant box with EXTRA padding. Wouldn’t want that bubble wrap to break…

Packaging Fail 2-ProShip

Number 3: Oh my! You’d think there’d be a smaller, flatter box for this other box, right? It almost looks like she ordered air pillows! It’s crazy how the void fill is at least 4 times as big as the product.

Packaging Fail 3 - ProShip

Number 4: Here’s an ironic one. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a UK writer and broadcaster, has started a #WarOnWaste in the UK. One of his targets was the common coffee shop and stopping them from using wasteful, disposable cups. This started a giant movement towards buying reusable ceramic coffee cups- many bought them from this popular e-tailer.

Packaging Fail 4 - ProShip

Number 5: Two sets of Ping-Pong balls in a package 10 times their size. They could have easily been stacked and put into a tiny box without void fill. Unsettling.

Packaging Fail 5 - ProShip

Top 5 tips for choosing your packaging part 1 of 2

Tip 1: Consider your budget

Your budget will have a large influence on what packaging you use. Could the packaging be used as a marketing tool for your products or company? This may involve higher costs but is an important factor. Perhaps a larger budget could be justified in this respect? In any case, your customers will subconsciously regard the packaging as part of your company and product image

Tip 2: Focus on your target market.

What market is your product aimed at? Think about where your product sits in the market, its values and purpose. Make sure the packaging adequately reflects this. The best packaging not only represents the product inside, but communicates its values and market position too. Also consider whether shelf space and presentation need attention – this can be vital in some markets

Tip 3: Review relevant regulations.

Familiarise yourself with all the relevant regulations – not only for the country of origin but for the country that is going to receive the goods too. Specific industry regulations may apply, as well as national/international requirements. Ensuring that your packaging conforms correctly from the start, can save major delays and heavy costs later.

Tip 4: Package for travel

How will your product be distributed? Will it be stacked or palletised? Will it be sent by air freight or sea freight? Will it be re-handled? Are there security concerns? Look at the product’s physical traits. Does it need protection from sunlight, temperature, moisture, humidity, impact, compression, vibration or surface contact? Special packaging may be required for perishable, hazardous or high-value products.  You may also want to build invisibility for increased chain of control and tracking – via barcodes, RFID or GPS methods. It usually costs far more to replace damaged or missing goods, than to provide packaging that protects them adequately. The correct packaging for your product will preserve value, rather than adding cost.

Tip 5: Ascertain customer handling, receiving, and inspection requirements

What requirements do your customers have when receiving the product? Do they have weight requirements? Do they need particular quantities per outer? Will they need to inspect or sample the consignments, making a re-closeable pack desirable? Are there specific labelling requirements? And what about any intermediaries handling the goods en-route? Do they have requirements too?

5 Essential Packaging Design Tips

Tip 1: Always start by considering form and function

There are two very basic considerations with packaging design – form and function. In its most basic form, packaging keeps the product within safe and intact. But encasing your product in bubble wrap, polystyrene and a blank box won’t exactly lure any new customers, will it? So your packaging also needs to provide the consumers with product information and make it an attractive buying prospect – what it is, why it’s the best product for their needs, and why they need to buy it now.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to be creative

If you want people to think that your product is great quality, then your packaging needs to relate this. If it’s abundantly clear that time, effort and a lot of consideration has gone into your packaging alone, this should speak volumes about the product that it houses.

High quality, creative packaging can also be a strong signal and influencer in the decision making process for the consumer, even if your product is priced a little higher than your cheaper competitors.

Tip 3: Always be clear and concise about what your product is

Sometimes too much creativity leads to product ambiguity. In some cases, it’s not always clear what’s inside the packet or box, and sometimes it’s even harder to find the brand name.

Likewise, bold packaging design littered with product benefits can be confusing and disguises your branding and branding ethos. On the other end of the scale, minimised packaging that focuses solely on brand rather than the product’s benefits is risky; for some worldwide brands and household names, this can work. But for smaller brands looking to break into the market, it can mean frustration for the consumer and a missed sale.

Tip 4: Displaying via bricks and mortar vs online

The environment that your product will be sold in will have a huge impact on your product’s packaging design. In a bricks-and-mortar store, it’s likely that you product will be stacked on a shelf, hung, or put on a display stand. But as a smaller brand, you’ll want to maximise your potential audience by also selling your product online.

In an online sales environment, consumers don’t have the ability the pickup, touch and weigh up the product in their hands. Touch is a sense that simply cannot be accessed in digital stores, so you have to compensate and appeal to the other senses. On screen, the same rule applies that you need to make your product stand out, but other factors such as typography and colour palette are more important than ever.

Tip 5: Get outside advice

Never be afraid to seek advice from specialist packaging professionals to help you to develop your brand. An experienced consultancy will not only help keep your budget in check, but will also have all the relevant information and knowledge you need to hand.

At Actionpoint we strive to help companies succeed, pick up the phone and ask us for some friendly FREE advice, a simple telephone conversation with one our packaging specialist could be just what your brand needs!

5 Awesome Packaging Designs

1 CS light bulbs

CS Ligh Bulbs

These clever boxes pair light bulbs with insect illustrations

Everyday products such as light bulbs tend to lend themselves to fairly utilitarian packaging, but these, produced by Belarus electrical company CS, boast beautiful boxes that turn the product into an important part of the packaging design.

Designed by Angelina Pischikova, with line illustrations by Anna Orlovskaya, this amazing packaging uses detailed drawings of insects, and the bulbs themselves are paired with certain bugs depending on their shape and size. Long, thin bulbs are stored in dragonfly boxes, while the coiled stripes of an energy saving bulb become the abdomen of a bumble bee.


2 Görtz shoes

packaging design

A cute and cuddly friend for these kid’s shoes

 This gorgeous packaging design comes courtesy of design firm Gürtlerbachmann GmbH. Created to promote the kid’s shoe section of department store Görtz, the team developed five different paper bird sculptures, each with a shoelace through its beak representing a small, colourful worm.
Each design represents a German native type of bird, including the tit and blackbird, which children can play with and customers encouraged to collect. The aim of the eye-catching design was to increase customer frequency to the sales area for children’s shoes, as well as promote the Görtz store card.

These shoelace birds are just brilliant – injecting colour, fun and creativity into a customer’s shopping experience. We can easily see how adults and kids alike would immediately fall in love with the adorable designs.


3 Festina Watches

Packaging design Festina water filled packaging

It’s a brave company that sanctions the sale of its products in a bag of water

 Many products make grand claims but few can demonstrate those abilities before you’ve even removed them from their packaging. Swimming against this current, if you’ll pardon the pun, is Festina Watches, which has sanctioned the placement of its waterproof watches in a bag of water at point of sale.

The transparent packaging is filled with distilled water and the Festina Profundo watch is suspended inside. Dreamt up by Scholz & Friends, it’s an ingenious solution that tells you everything you need to know about the watch without extraneous words.

The packaging design and art direction was handled by Ralf Schroder (amongst others) at Scholz & Friends.


4 Thelma’s

Packaging design

Saturday Mfg’s packaging design delivers Thelma’s cookies fresh from the oven

Thelma’s is a cookie delivery business run by mother and son, Lana and Dereck Lewis. Each day, they lovingly bake chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles, and deliver them by the dozen, warm in this brilliant oven-inspired packaging design.

“Great-Grandma Thelma grew up in Monroe, Iowa, and was famous for her snickerdoodle cookies,” the agency explains. “In honor of her 108th birthday this year, our client launched Thelma’s – delivering warm cookies to businesses and selling ice cream cookie sandwiches at events. Saturday Mfg helped create the branding from scratch.


5 Nike Air

Packaging design nike air packaging

It’s certainly inventive but does it beat the classic shoe box design?

Nike Air is arguably one of the most popular sneaker designs ever released. Not content with a regular old shoebox, Berlin-based agency Scholz & Friends came up with a brand new, reimagined packaging design for their favourite trainers.

Very much taking the ‘Air’ aspect into account, the team placed the sneakers in an air-tight plastic bag to give the illusion of floating trainers. Highlighting the Air cushioning of the brand, this design also reduces the risk of damage when shipping.



Insight Pledge for 2017

In January of 2016, we launched a game changer called The INSIGHT Program. With great confidence, we could say to selected companies that we can and will save them up to 15% not only on their packaging but on their whole process. By February 2016 we had drawn the attention of the industry’s biggest and most trusted magazine, Packaging News who wanted to know more about INSIGHT and they published a story about it, since then the INSIGHT Program has been a great success and we can now offer customers savings of 17% on average as opposed to the original 15%.

For 2017 we are committed to improving these savings and we pledge to increase that average saving to 20% by January 2018. The INSIGHT Program is currently an invitation-only service but with our unique manufacturing and buying power, we are confident that we can help most companies save substantial amounts of money on their packaging and processes!

Keep yourself up to date with INSIGHT and the progress of the INSIGHT Pledge 2017, in our future newsletters on our website. It is under the “Latest News” link that can be found on our Homepage.

To find out more about INSIGHT click here


Look out for our new INSIGHT branding, coming soon!

General Opening Hours 2017

Tell us yours and you could win whatever you want, with a maximum value of £500! *


After a resounding success with our Christmas Opening Hours email, we have decided to do it again but this time we are offering a chance to win a £500 reward instead of £50 and we want to know your general opening hours for 2017.

*The Prize is a £500.00 pre-loaded Visa card


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Team Bowling

To celebrate such a successful November we have arranged a session of bowling at Hollywood Bowl next week for all staff at Actionpoint and have given them the afternoon off as well.

Thank you to everyone for your hard work in November!

Poppy Day Campaign Success!

After a successful Poppy Day campaign on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we managed to raise £194.00 for The Royal British Legion!


Thank you to everyone that took part in helping us raise this amount!

The second issue of our Packaging Influencers Snapshot is here and we are looking at the goals of some of the most recognised brands we all know.

If you want to follow how they make a success of achieving their goals, Follow us at Actionpoint on our journey and we’ll keep you updated, not just about today’s 3 but we’ll include others too as we go along.


The Co-op

The food retailer will support the PIRAP scheme which was launched last year by WRAP and Plastics 2020.

To read more follow the link…


The fast food giant has big plans for sustainable sourcing and smarter packaging by 2020.

To read more follow the links…


Apple Inc

The multi-billion dollar technology giant has made a pledge to becoming greener!

To read more follow the link…


Look out for the next addition of Packaging Influencers Snapshot…..



Jack Howard Crowdfunder page

Please help up us to raise £250,000 in order to send Jack to America who desperately needs pioneering cancer treatment

This is an urgent appeal to raise £250,000 for a cancer treatment  in America for my nephew Jack! We need to raise as much as we can and only have a few weeks! Jack is 12 years old and has a Wilms tumor this is a childhood cancer which he is fighting for the second time!!

In 2013 Jack underwent a year of grueling chemotherapy and radiotherapy as well as having his kidney removed, Jack went into remission in February 2014 and the cancer returned in December 2015! All treatment has failed in the UK and our only hope is a drug available in America, Jack desperately needs to travel to Los Angeles to get pioneering treatment which hopefully will save his life!!

Please please help! Any donation will be appreciated however small!

What are the packaging goals of some of the Big Names?

As the first issue of our Packaging Influencers Snapshot we are looking at the goals of some of the most recognised brands we all know.

If you want to follow how they make a success of achieving their goals, Follow us at Actionpoint on our journey and we’ll keep you updated, not just about today’s 4 but we’ll include others too as we go along.

In case you missed it, M & S have now introduced Plan A 2020 which consists of 100 new, revised and existing commitments, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable major retailer.

Like M&S, Sainsbury’s reviewed their plan in 2015 and it now includes reducing and optimising their own-brand packaging. They aim to reduce this by 50 per cent by 2020 when compared to 2005.

They seem to be making headway, just take a look at their stats:


Amazon have developed a software program that determines the “right-sized” box for any given item to be shipped to a customer, based on that item’s dimensions and weight. This means it has reduced packaging waste by decreasing the number of packages delivered in a wrong-sized box.  Amazing!
Next aim to achieve new reduction targets for energy, waste and distribution by 2020.

Actionpoint are exhibiting at Fruit Focus 2016

We will be exhibiting at Fruit Focus on 29th July 2016 and we have loads to offer on the day, so if you are visiting be sure sure to stop by at stand 308 and see how we can help you with your packaging.

There will also be the chance for you to win 1 of many prizes including 2 tickets to see England vs South Africa in the Autumn International at Twickenham.

Actionpoint helps local school

Action point help at local school - Packaging solutions company

Actionpoint are a national company still willing to help our local community. Yesterday we received an email from a local school who had been promised used bubble wrap to use in a project with the children, unfortunately they were let down at the last minute and stuck for ideas. We were more that happy to help and gave them this roll of unused bubble wrap free of charge!

Thank you to St Margaret’s C of E School for this opportunity to help our local community.