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Bidfood Case Study

Bidfood Case Study


To spend time with both senior management and operators at the Paddock Wood regional distribution depot to see how product damages and packaging can both be reduced.


After 15 hours watching, learning and researching, we presented a report with suggestions to the senior management.  This showed that product breakages were caused by lack of internal packaging, which caused the following problems;

  • High product damage costs
  • Vehicle loading delays
  • Unnecessary repacking of damaged goods
  • Product being scrapped due to SRP being stained / marked

The root cause of this was product falling from distribution trollies.


Our Creative & Technical Team designed a trolley shroud specifically for Bidvest to solve all of these problems, saving them in excess of £100,000 per annum.

These shrouds are reusable, helping save the environment from unhelpful pallet wrap waste too.


Once production of the shrouds is rolled out to 100% capacity tangible results will include increased team morale, reduction in packaging costs, reduction in product damages, improved customer image, time saving, and more…

Customer Quote

Graham says… “we very much like the way Actionpoint have worked along with us and viewed it as work in progress tweaking it until we have a final version. It’s not a solution we feel we could find anywhere else as packaging companies want you to buy the packaging they want to sell the most of.”